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Montreal, May 14, 2018 – This fall on V, Marie Soleil Dion and Jonathan Roberge will team up to present the amusing science show Ne jamais faire à la maison, the new weekly viewing appointment that will test everything your mother always warned you not to do, starting with attempting precisely what product warning labels advise against doing.

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Each week, our two hosts will conduct seven spectacular experiments under the watchful eye of a safety professional who will supervise the proceedings and explain the potential risks associated with the experiments.

Using a spontaneous and humorous approach, Marie Soleil and Jonathan will, for example, try to ignite the spray stream from a can of hairspray, microwave a bottle of champagne, over-inflate a car tire, drop a running hairdryer in the bathtub, create an explosion using milk and chlorine, heat food in a can directly on the stove stop or light a fire with a clothes iron.

Throughout the season, our hosts will be joined by celebrity guests who will satisfy their curiosity and attempt the experiments they’ve always wanted to do but never had the nerve to try before now!   

Ne jamais faire à la maison is the Quebec adaptation of the Norwegian success ikke gjør dette hjemme (Never Ever Do This at Home) that blends humour, science and mischief.  

Produced by Datsit Studios, the thirteen 60-minute episodes will air this fall on V!  




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