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Montreal, May 16, 2018Groupe V Media will be making a big impact again this year with its 2018-2019 programming! In an industry undergoing a profound transformation, Canada’s largest independent broadcaster is undertaking a major shift. Its properties, V, MAX, MusiquePlus and, with popular on-air personalities, strong thematic content and innovative broadcast strategies reach a vast audience on a multitude of platforms, at all times, adapting to today’s new consumer and business realities.


V: passionate, vibrant and genuine

V’s shift reflects a new philosophy that focuses on our advertisers. We don’t just think brand-safe, we think brand-friendly. Compelling topics for viewers that align with the interests of our advertisers,” says Dimitri Gourdin, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Communications. “Content is therefore created and developed upstream to serve brands and maximize audience engagement with our advertising partners. Investing with us offers the assurance of reaching – not only the most people – but the right people. “

V is repositioning itself and will continue to dazzle audiences with shows that are entertaining, original and bold. Admired on-air talent, relevant content, created and developed by passionate people, to the power of V! The # 1 conventional channel among adults 18-49 and adults 18-341 has several new shows and many new faces in store for viewers this fall, in addition to new episodes from returning shows.

“We have created a coherence, a common thread throughout V’s program schedule that is very clear. Viewers will be able to identify with our programming and our advertisers will also,” explains Brigitte Vincent, Vice President of Content. “To set yourself apart is to innovate. With a renewed, redesigned and restructured primetime offer. With new locally-produced shows that stand out and content that can be deployed across all platforms.”

Several new Quebec productions are premiering this fall. Isabelle Racicot will be hosting Je suis chef, the culinary competition where professional chefs and gifted cooking enthusiasts compete to impress the judges. Quebec’s most inspiring and skilled amateur athletes are the stars of Bootcamp: le parcours extreme hosted by Émily Bégin and Étienne Boulay. In Moment décisif, Kim Rusk and Serge Beauchemin will offer entrepreneurs a 90-second elevator ride to win a contract with established business people. Jonathan Roberge and Marie-Soleil Dion will attempt the experiments you were warned to never do at home on Ne jamais faire à la maison and finally, we will follow the not so ordinary everyday life of luxury real estate agents on Vendeurs de rêve.

Occupation Double, hosted by Jay Du Temple, travels to Greece this year! Last fall’s television phenomenon, whose massive multiplatform success is proof positive that television is now being consumed differently, will be returning to build on this success and spark the imaginations of viewers once again.

Stéphane Rousseau returns with a popular lineup of guests to liven up late nights in his talk show Le Show de Rousseau. La Guerre des Clans is also back with a revamped formula and a new host, Jean-François Breau. Un souper presque parfait featuring the unique humour of narrator André Ducharme, L’amour est dans le pré with Marie-Eve Janvier (airing next winter), Ambulance animale, Huissiers and L’arbitre are also returning and the popular automotive show RPM is back for a 20th successful season.

Need peaceful and relaxing mornings to start your day? V is introducing an innovative new program offering that has never been seen on a mainstream television network in Quebec. V will present the Quebec version of the very successful television format from Norway, Slow TV, a bold morning counter-programming option for viewers in Quebec.


MAX and MusiquePlus: must-see TV destinations

More popular than ever, MAX has tripled its market share since its repositioning and next fall’s program schedule confirms that the channel intends to continue growing its audience2. Groupe V Média has just signed an agreement with Fox specialty channel FX for privileged access to the network’s extensive catalog of popular, award-winning and critically-acclaimed television series. MAX now partners with the network with the best fiction series on television to solidify its position as the ideal destination to watch the world’s best films and television series in French.

American Crime Story: Versace, FEUD: Bette and Joan and You’re the worst will be presented this fall in a special Monday night programming block devoted to the popular TV series from FX. Added to this impressive lineup are, among others, Orange is the new black, The Girlfriend Experience and Imposters.

MusiquePlus, which reaches more than 1.4 million viewers every week3, continues to be extremely popular among younger viewers and remains THE television destination for creative, fashionable content. Reality, fiction, films, humour and music live within our impactful programming which is firmly entrenched in pop culture.

While Jérémy Demay and his guests are having a blast presenting the funniest of the web on the third season of Buzz, OD + en direct will also be returning, in a revamped formula to report on the new season of Occupation Double.

Hit series such as Gotham, Supergirl and iconic shows from Marvel such as Les agents du S.H.I.E.L.D, are back with new episodes. In addition to these major TV hits, the channel will be presenting award-winning films and major viewing appointments like X Factor and Lip Sync Battle. everywhere, at any time

The popularity of the digital platform over the last year is incredible! Each month, the site attracts an average of over 1.3 million unique visitors and generates 4 million video views and more than 12.6 million page views4.

In addition to offering exclusive content and enabling interaction with all the audiences of the group’s brands, presents the Quebec productions airing on V in simulcast and offers free access to catch-up viewing of first-run content airing on the Groupe V Media channels.


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