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Montreal, October 10, 2018 – The 4th edition of La Journée qui a du chien will take place on Monday, November 5th. The event is an initiative established by Groupe V Média to raise funds that will enable the Mira Foundation to pursue its mission. This fundraising event – during which a large portion of the programming on V and MusiquePlus is dedicated to the Mira Foundation – highlights the very real difference the foundation makes in the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders and people with visual or motor impairments. Host and comedian, Stéphane Rousseau, will act as spokesperson for this day of awareness building and fundraising.  


“La Journée qui a du chien is our biggest annual fundraiser. It goes without saying that it’s an extremely important event for us because we receive no government funding. Our organism operates entirely on donations from the general public and the private sector. La Journée qui a du chien helps promote the various Mira Foundation programs, build public awareness and raise significant funds that will enable us to carry out our mission” explains Nicolas St-Pierre, Executive Director of the Mira Foundation

“We are very proud that, again this year, the Groupe V Média team, along with many of our collaborators and partners, is supporting this important cause in our own unique way. With la Journée qui a du chien, we’re leveraging V’s considerable reach to engage the public and raise funds that will tangibly help the Mira Foundation in the fulfillment of its mission,” states Dimitri Gourdin, Executive Vice President of Groupe V Media.

“It is with great pleasure, as a dog lover, that I accepted to be spokesperson for la Journée qui a du chien. I’ve known about the Mira Foundation for many years – I was one of their spokespersons 20 years ago! – and I always considered their mission admirable. The Mira Foundation helps hundreds of individuals and families by providing a companion they can rely on. This support is essential, ” says Stéphane Rousseau, spokesperson for the 4th edition of la Journée qui a du chien.

The complete schedule of la Journée qui a du chien is available at

From 7 am to 6 pm, hundreds of volunteers will be present at over twenty Metro stations to collect donations. Donations received via text, telephone and online on the website are also welcome.  


To donate

Text MIRA at 45678 (option to donate $10 or $20)
Call at 1 844 346-MIRA (6472) – donations of $1 to $99
Donate online at You can donate right now!


It is also possible to contribute to La Journée qui a du chien outside the Montreal area, thanks to la Tournée qui a du chien, an initiative that enables Mira volunteers to raise money at various Quebec Major Junior Hockey League games. Roadblocks in some of these cities will also be put in place. The dates of the QMJHL games in support of Mira as well as the roadblocks are available on


Did you know that…

– The Mira Foundation is the second most credible organization in the social and community services sector in Quebec* and has been serving beneficiaries for 37 years.

– Over 1,000 Mira dogs are currently assisting beneficiaries in their day-to-day lives.

– Some 200 new dogs are provided free of charge to beneficiaries each year.  

– A dog represents an investment of $30,000 for the Mira Foundation.

– The Mira Foundation receives no government funding operating entirely on the donations it receives from the public and private sectors.

– Since its creation in 1981, the Mira Foundation has provided more than 3,000 dogs.

– 50% of the Mira dogs are trained to accompany children with autism spectrum disorders, 30% are trained as service dogs and 20% are guide dogs. All beneficiaries are housed free of charge at the Mira Foundation for the duration of their training (between 8 and 21 days).

– The Mira Foundation also trains compassionate dogs, which are used by the police to initiate contact, appease certain victims and open dialogue.

This day is made possible thanks to the commitment of the following partners: Groupe V Média, Mondou and Vet Diet.




*Study on trends in philanthropy in Quebec in 2017:


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About the Mira Foundation

The mission of the Mira Foundation is to improve the quality of family life for children with autism spectrum disorders and help people with a visual or physical handicap gain greater self-sufficiency by providing, free of charge, a dog trained to meet their needs. Since its creation in 1981, the Mira Foundation Mira has donated over 3,000 dogs. The Foundation receives no government funding, its financing relies entirely upon the donations it receives from the public or fundraising activities.