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Montreal, April 4th, 2019 – This fall, offers you the opportunity to sit down with your ex to set the record straight on your relationship at a special dinner that is honest and authentic. Former couples who want answers, need closure or even better, who want to reignite the spark in the relationship: it’s time for some answers on À table avec mon ex!(Eating with my ex!)


The video explaining the concept of the show is available on demand.


Each episode will feature two former couples who each get together for a meal. The purpose of their respective rendezvous? To ask the questions that were left unanswered and – who knows? – perhaps rekindle their romance. Each dish will include questions that will spark a discussion between the two participants. The episodes will conclude with an update on the relationship several weeks later. What will this dinner have changed for the two former lovers?

Everything will play out under the watchful eye of a straightforward and spontaneous narrator who will provide humorous commentary on the proceedings. The name of the female narrator will be announced very soon!

The reality show Eating with my Ex, originally produced by Fremantle’s Shotglass Media and Thames, is a hit on the BBC Three channel in the UK. The original 7-minute web-based format has generated more than 20 million views to date* prior to expanding to a 30-minute version. Even today, the episodes of the show shared on YouTube generate thousands of views.

Produced by Zone3, À table avec mon ex will be presented in a 30-minute format on V, four nights a week, for a total of 52 episodes.

Participants wanted

Zone3 is seeking former couples, 18 years of age or older, who have issues that need to be resolved or would like to rekindle their romance and are not afraid to put their heart on the table. Interested participants can register now at Production will take place during the summer.



À table avec mon ex

This fall, on V!

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