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Montreal, May 21, 2019 – V is proud to announce that Julie Snyder is returning to television with a brand new show on the network starting in January 2020. Julie has marked the history of Quebec television with shows such as SortirLe BanquierL’enfer c’est nous autresLe Poing JStar AcadémieL’Été indien and the many television specials featuring Céline Dion. The story continues on V.

Accompanied by her long-time collaborator, Stéphane Laporte, Julie Snyder is preparing a daily talk show, produced by Productions ToRoS, that is destined to become the new prime time television appointment in Quebec. She’s interviewed the greats, from Serge Gainsbourg to Caitlyn Jenner, Lady Gaga, Catherine Deneuve, Larry Flynt, Stromae and Xavier Dolan, and now on her new show she’ll be welcoming the people making the news and shaping the events in every field imaginable. Time for new faces and new perspectives.

In addition to the interviews, Julie will present surprise segments, which she is keeping a closely-guarded secret for the time being. The girl who made the West Island dance one evening during the Saint-Jean Baptiste Day celebrations, who knocked on the door of Buckingham Palace disguised as Queen Elizabeth and water-skied down the St. Lawrence River with Celine Dion, has some brand new awesome antics in store for us. The show will also offer viewers a glimpse into Julie’s everyday life because her everyday life is far from ordinary! This new show is a true story.

It’s Julie’s grand return to Quebec screens, doing what she does best; entertaining, hosting, interviewing, having fun, and doing stuff that hasn’t been done yet! Julie as a talk show host !? Oh yeah! Julie will once again be hitting her mark and its on V!


Julie Snyder’s big comeback

next winter on V!





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