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Montreal, Thursday, December 19, 2019 – Season 3 of Occupation Double (double occupancy) on V and pulled in massive audiences, set social media on fire, and even broke some records. The show, hosted by Jay Du Temple, brought more Quebecers than ever to their screens, whether on television, online or on social media, posting phenomenal increases in audience reach. Produced by Productions ToRoS, it was also named the most popular Quebec show according to Google. It was a very good year, indeed.


Viewers reached each week

2.5 million


Users on

4 million


Cumulative global reach on Facebook

38 million


Ranking with 18-34 demographic

No. 1


In just four months, the South African edition of the hit reality show attained new heights on all platforms. An average of more than 800,000 viewers tuned in to the Sunday Galas on TV while an additional 335,000 views were clocked every week on*. The new feature of the season, OD Extra featuring Capitaine Rebondissement (captain rebound), also reached an audience of 585,000 every Sunday. Occupation Double posted a daily TV reach of 670,000, an overall increase of 40% compared to 2018**.

Once again, the success of the brand’s multi-platform distribution strategy produced stellar results. Occupation Double video content on racked up of 19 million views (vs. 15.6 million in 2018) from the time the candidates were announced. The site also posted more than 55 million pageviews (vs. 40 million in 2018) and attracted more than 4 million users (vs. 3 million in 2018), significant increases year over year***.

Cumulative total reach on the Occupation Double Facebook page reached 38 million while video content was viewed more than 50 million times. The show also registered 82 million impressions on Instagram****. Occupation Double was listed as the No. 2 most popular TV show in Quebec in Google’s 2019 rankings, just behind Game of Thrones and ahead of the Chernobyl series. It’s also worth noting that Khate Lessard, the first trans woman to appear on reality TV, was awarded two Mammouth awards for her inspiring journey, including the prestigious XXL for getting the most votes.

During the evening while crowning Trudy and Math as the big winners of Occupation Double Afrique du Sud, Jay Du Temple was pleased to announce that the show would be back for Season 4 in fall 2020. Just where will the 2020 candidates be flown to? Where will they be heard to exclaim, “This is home to us?” You’ll soon find out. Stay tuned!


Occupation Double Season 4

Back on V in Fall 2020

Catch up on Seasons 1, 2, and 3 now on


* Numeris. French Quebec. Average audience per minute, as of December 8, 2019.
** Numeris. French Quebec. Average audience per minute, as of December 1, 2019.

*** Google Analytics. August 26 to December 8, 2019.
**** Facebook and Instagram. August 26 to December 8, 2019.




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